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Rockstar izle
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Dressed in Persian clothes, chased by hooligans, famous Indian-born Rockstar, Jordan, barely makes it to a Czech stadium to perform before a huge crowd. It was not too long ago that he was just an awkward uninhibited collegian wanna-be musician with a name of Janardhan Jakhar, who was ridiculed everywhere. His family wanted him to be inducted in their business but he refuses. He is counseled that music comes after experiencing pain, so he decides to woo Heer Kaul, the hottest girl on the college's 'Chicklist' in order to be rejected by her and thus experience pain. Initially he does face rejection from the sophisticated and cultured Heer, but quite surprisingly they subsequently become close friends, and he finds that underneath the stiff upper lip, there is a woman who is full of life and wants to experience it before getting married to Prague-based Jai. The duo hang-out together, watch a soft-porn movie, drink desi daru, travel to Kashmir, and he assists in her marriage preparations. After her departure, he reluctantly joins the family business, makes a mess, and is kicked out. He persists with his music, finally makes it big and signs a contract with a big music company. Things couldn't be better and he decides to pay Heer a visit. Both get together and hang-out as they did in India - but soon Jordan will be forced to confront a gun-toting Jai; be arrested by Prague Police; returned to India - where he will be face not fans - but angry crowds, a hostile media, and be blamed for compounding

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3 yorum bulunmaktadır: "Rockstar izle"
  1. YaBGuVk 25 Haziran 2013, 22:21

    Rockstar filmini günceldim arkadaşlar iyi seyirler bozuk filmleri bildirgiginiz içinde teşşekür ederim

  2. serif 09 Mart 2013, 13:56

    2001 yilinda,Shrek animasyon özellikli film olarak ilk Oskari kazandi.”

  3. sibel 06 Şubat 2013, 16:54

    biri bana film önersin. romantik, aksiyon filan

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